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Conversational English

Our Conversational English classes are all presented by qualified TEFL teachers from South Africa. We use South Africans as they have a very clean and neutral accent. We believe this helps facilitate great learning. 

What can you expect in a 25-minute Conversational English Class?

  • A friendly teacher

  • Time to talk about any topic you would like to discuss while learning English

  • Grammar corrections

  • Vocabulary corrections

  • The opportunity to ask questions

  • Optional: Request to read a specific piece of writing 

  • Get help with wording an e-mail or letter in English

How are the class presented:

  • All classes are hosted via Zoom. We will send you a link to connect with us before the class starts.

What you need:

  • A Zoom account

  • A laptop or suitable device

  • A working microphone and earphones

Do you have any questions about this class? Please submit your question on the Contact Us page.

Do you need more information about pricing options?

Pricing & Plans


Are you ready to have your first class? 

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